Amazon Web Service


Introduction to AWS Amazon Web Services (AWS) distributes cloud computing services which provide on-demand computing resources and services in the cloud. AWS supplies the resource which can be used for rapid business growth. Amazon Web Services is a loosely coupled collection of “cloud” infrastructure services that allows customers to “rent” computing resources. The resources like … Continue reading Amazon Web Service

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Agile Methodology


Agile methodology is a process of software development process like other software development methodology such as waterfall model, V-Model and Iterative model. In water fall model, each phase must get completed full before the next phase. At end of each phase a review will be done and decide before moving to next phase. This model … Continue reading Agile Methodology

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Software Development Models


Software Development Models     The Waterfall Model     The V-Model     The Increment Model     The Rad Model     The Agile Model     The Iterative Model       The Spiral  Model  

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