Internet Of Things


Internet Of Things


  • → Things (devices) been controllable through Internet
  • → Smart Environment (eliminates the need of a physical human presence to (have) control (over) anything)
  • → Sense of Safe Ambience (enabling remote monitoring to avoid any unlikely incidents)
  • → Preventive enabler (means of monitoring action rather than investigating the root cause at latter of the incident)
  • → Independent Of Threats


The below picture explains in brief the application of Internet Of Things.

Internet Of Things – A very most talked term of this decade by all the technology aspirants not only in the Information Technology division and in all engineering perspectives. Why? What will be the reason? As we know the very efficient and attractive technologies or the product of the technologies will be much talkative or popular of the time frame to say a decade, we saw the decade of 1990 to 2000 is dominated by the Internet, decade of 2001 to 2010 is dominated by the smart phones and mobile applications, now the decade of 2011 to 2020 or more is going to be dominated by the Internet Of Things. It may be a debate, whether Internet Of Things (IOT) is an outcome of IT development or Electronics development. But for sure the contribution is equal as the IOT enabled device share the key elements of IP address and the embedded program in it.
A decade ago, there were projects within the students of electronics which objective is to control the devices to say home appliances in a remote location i.e. WAN (Wide Area Network). It has become real now with the technology of IOT and the remote location under control is called as CAN (Controlled Area Network). IOT is most appreciated and acceptable because of the time factor, its cost factor and the scope of wide spread deployment possibilities.
IOT council proposed to conduct / celebrate the IOT day on 9th of April every year from 2011. It is now at 2016, we have crossed 6 IOT days and the purpose of the IOT day is not any formal meet at a designated venue. IOT council proposed to conduct the meetings anywhere in the world on 9th of April as open meet by the interested IOT community to share the updates on IOT and also discuss about the upcoming trends IOT.
As like we have Voice recognition for few of the applications and calling facility in our smart phones, in near feature we may expect the same to control the devices / network by voice based control.
IOT is expected to be Environment friendly – reducing the transport results in saving conventional fuels and atmospheric pollution, reducing the paper usage results in deforestation for source of raw material for paper and much more tangible benefits. IOT is to be further enhanced towards the Security vulnerabilities, Data Integrity, Safety compliances of integrated devices etc.,


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